Some questions about mdns library (sumo branch, but also master)
(too old to reply)
Stefano Cappa
2018-12-10 10:23:03 UTC
I'm trying to use mdns library (
https://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/recipe/72471/), however I have
some questions.

1) what is the purpose of "
Is it really necessary?
2) Is it possibile to update it to the latest version in open embedded? I
updated to version 8xx.x.x and it seems to be ok, but I prefer to know if
there is a reason why it is still at 7xx.x.x.
3) Inside the mdns receipe there is a reference to "libnss_mdns" but it
seems fixed to version 0.2. On open embedded there is version 0.10. To use
mdns should I install libnss 0.10?
4) How does mdns library manage IPv4 Link local? Is there something to
configure or packages to add to receive a link local address after 60

I'm asking about mdns and not avahi, because I want to use the official
Apple library instead of Avahi. Do you have other additional suggestions
about this topic?

Thank you.