Notes: Yocto Project Technical Team Meeting
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Jolley, Stephen K
2018-11-27 16:44:06 UTC
Attendees: Richard, Randy M, David, Armin, Ross, Stephen, Aaron, Tracey I., Jain S., Michel G., Randy Y., Lee Chang, Alejandro,

YP 2.4.4 should release in the next day or two. This will be the last of the YP 2.4 series and YP 2.4 will go to community support after this.
Armin YP 2.5.2 should release to QA this weekend or sooner.
YP 2.7 M1 is planned to build the week of Dec. 10th. After that YP 2.6.1 is planned to build the first full week of January.
Stephen discussed getting Bugzilla entries for all the YP 2.7 ideas in: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15jB6nUJU2wrtnu6w07L9RZpNlj6AoxSTPEX5aELts1g/edit. He will continue to push these issues getting into Bugzilla.
Richard started a discussion about Autobuilder and the instability of oe-selftest issues we are seeing.
We continued to discuss the items and update them in the above planning document.


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