Automate hardware test using oeqa runtime library
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Hussin, Mohamad Noor Alim
2018-12-04 16:58:35 UTC
Hi Richard,

I wrote some scripts to test USB mount/unmount, read & write on real hardware. I use OEQA runtime library to wrote the test cases. However, these tests only work on hardware and not for qemu.
Since these tests run on hardware, I need to add a flag to avoid the tests execute on qemu. I am not sure if these tests case should pass on qemu too.

Links below refer to patches of BSP test cases to test USB. There are 2 patches files called "bsp-test-helper" and usb.py. bsp-test-helper is a wrapper script to execute USB test cases on usb.py file.

USB test cases, usb.py
wrapper script, bsp-test-helper

Alim Hussin