Wanted: Volunteers and demos for OpenEmbedded FOSDEM stand
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Paul Barker
2018-12-04 17:19:41 UTC
Hi all,

We've got an OpenEmbedded stand again at FOSDEM this year! The event will be held on 2nd & 3rd Feb 2019 at the usual location of ULB Campus du Solbosch in Brussels.

I'll be present most of each day to run the stand but we need some additional volunteers to help out. Ideally we need 3-4 volunteers for each day so that we can load balance a bit and have chance for breaks and coffee runs. If you're interested in volunteering could you reply to this email for now, we'll probably get a list up on the OE wiki nearer the event.

We also need some demos to show off. I don't really have much myself this year sadly. Demos should show off the benefits of OpenEmbedded (such as building the same image for multiple machines). Ideally we would have a couple of hardware devices to show off along with a demo of Toaster, the layer index and other visual parts of the tooling on a laptop. Demos may include commercial hardware but please remember that we have limited stand space and want to show off the OpenEmbedded project and related open source technologies - a sales demo of a proprietary product isn't appropriate. If you've got some form of demo to bring along then please let me know by email reply.

Paul Barker
Managing Director & Principal Engineer
Beta Five Ltd